Summer Girl [streaming track]

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"Summer Girl" premieres on High Times Magazine

High Times Magazine premieres "Summer Girl"!

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Get "First Amendment Blues"
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Posted a new song: "Get Me Home By Christmas Eve (2012)" http://t.co/6dyFP3H4tb #music
@ColdBeerBroads producer @CZMaestro laying down a piano track for one of the new singles. @KaleidoscopeSND http://t.co/MBJGKvivwS
Some respectable art on the API Legacy Plus console @KaleidoscopeSND. #modernart #multitasking @CZMaestro http://t.co/nBbKPkZu62
How do we make a bass drum nasty? Yup. The Decapitator! Hahaha! @CZMaestro @KaleidoscopeSND #decapitator #nastyBD http://t.co/QyKgC76Ybs
Macom recording on the legendary skull hologram Les Paul autographed by none other than Les Paul! @KaleidoscopeSND http://t.co/GLA09gDcBy