Summer Girl [streaming track]

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"Summer Girl" premieres on High Times Magazine

High Times Magazine premieres "Summer Girl"!

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Get "First Amendment Blues"
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Dear @TheRealJennifer Happy Birthday Gorgeous! The members of @ColdBeerBroads – ask plaintively- https://t.co/DSuQNcgdSs #JenniferAniston
Free tuition at all public US colleges? This discriminates against everyone who ALREADY went to a public college. #BernedOut #FeelTheBern
I hear it's #ThirstyThursday, so here's the 2nd thing every man should know about drinking… https://t.co/hleklskJhe
The first thing every man should know about drinking whiskey is simple: Be a man about… https://t.co/OYJYVGHb7Z
An ode to #LawSchool, and the best advice I never took: https://t.co/HtJDi0Ryat #harvard #musician @ColdBeerBroads https://t.co/E58wbfpQKj