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Summer Girl [streaming track]

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"Summer Girl" premieres on High Times Magazine

High Times Magazine premieres "Summer Girl"!

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Get "First Amendment Blues"
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It is so so easy now to get that first meeting with a girl that it is contributing mightily to the pussification of America. #datingapps
Banks in #NYC are deliberately cutting their use of tellers to try to force us all to use ATM machines. Where have all the tellers gone???
Getting in touch with our artsy side. #bokeh in the #studio. #coldbeerbroads https://t.co/Vz2VqhVDui
The lyrics and video to #JenniferAniston provided by @fenforeveryone https://t.co/8ODTYJPJIy
Cold Beer & Broads release music video for "Jennifer Aniston (Why Are You Married?)" https://t.co/hef1tTTGQ6 via @lauren_gribble