Summer Girl [streaming track]

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"Summer Girl" premieres on High Times Magazine

High Times Magazine premieres "Summer Girl"!

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Get "First Amendment Blues"
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@musicjumpstart hope you're having a great summer! we hope you like our new track - #SummerGirl http://t.co/8H9KUj8EUn
@fitforrivals YES!
#SummerGirl has a tom collins with your name on it. go find her at @amazonmp3 http://t.co/iFWq74oqef
@DristelaSofia Lovely! We thought of you.... http://t.co/OaBRIQ2uSB #SummerGirl
@CountryFLL - that's a great look guys. Here's the perfect song for her... http://t.co/OaBRIQ2uSB #SummerGirl